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Discounts & Authorized Representatives

If you're the authorized individual who registers employees and colleagues on behalf of your organization, paying with a company credit card, purchase order, or other method, you may want to consider becoming an Authorized Representative for your organization.

Click on the below links to learn more about becoming an Authorized Representative for your organization, helping you save time and money.

What is an Authorized Representative?
Who can become an Authorized Representative?
What are the benefits of being an Authorized Representative?
How can I become an Authorized Representative?

What is an Authorized Representative?

Authorized Representatives are individuals who have been given permission by their organization to register their colleagues or employees for courses. Authorized Representatives can use their own email and log-in information on our online registration system to enroll students, assign them to seats in various classes, and pay for all of the students at one time when paying online. Someone who is not an Authorized Representative and wanted to register multiple individuals would have to enroll under each student's email address and register as that student and process each registration separately. While the FSAS does not charge taxes on our trainings, you can see how this would become very tedious and time consuming.

When you are an Authorized Representative, you can simply log-in with the email address you provided the Operations Manager to register multiple students at one time.

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More About the Benefits
How to become an Authorized Representative
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Who Can Become an Authorized Representative?

Only individuals who have permission from their employer to register colleagues and employees for courses at the FSAS are permitted to become Authorized Representatives with FSAS. These individuals should have access to and permission to use the company credit card or other form of company payment method.

About the Benefits
How to become an Authorized Representative
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What Are the Benefits of Being an Authorized Representative?

Authorized Representatives not only can save time by registering multiple individuals at once online, they can also save money.

Are you registering 2 or more people for your organization? If so, contact the Operations Manager to redeem your 15% discount on weekday courses

By registering 4 individuals for 20 hours of CEUs each at the Annual School, the 5th individual receives one mini-track (a Level 200 or 300 Course) for free. To receive this promotional discount, the Authorized Representative must contact the Operations Manager after registering the first four individuals. The Operations Manager will provide the Authorized Representative a coupon code to discount the next online registration. The first four registrations must be registered prior to July 1. If the Authorized Representative is not registering colleagues online, he/she will still need to contact the Operations Manager to receive the coupon code for a complimentary 10 hour registration.

How to become an Authorized Representative
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How To Become an Authorized Representative

Becoming an Authorized Representative is simple. Simply contact the Operations Manager and provide your name, the email you would like to use to log-in, and your organization's name. The Operations Manager will contact you shortly in regard to your request to discuss additional information and help you get started with the registration process.

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